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Conference Bases

Automation and protection in power plants, transmission and distribution grid
Security and reliability in power system protection and automation
Protection and automation of smart power system
Application of IoT concepts in the power system protection and automation
System Integrity Protection Schemes (SIPS)
Special Protection Systems (SPS)
Wide Area Monitoring, Protection and control (WAMPAC) systems
Modern power system protection schemes and automation algorithms
Impact of DGs on power system protection
Cyber security in power system protection, automation and communication
Power system protection and automation customization
Fault location in transmission and distribution networks
Protection and automation systems operation, maintenance and NET
AMI infrastructure and smart sensors
Protection and automation implementation
Software/hardware systems of power system protection and automation systems
Role of new communication schemes in power system protection and automation
Electromagnetic compatibility in protection systems
Grounding and protection system
Fault current limiter (FCL) development
Arc flash in electrical equipments and its risk reduction methods
Over voltage protection
Schemes for signaling, protection and automation of electric traction